spin-archive.org - 2020 Review

10 minute read Published: 2021-01-11

Starting off with 2021, I wanted to do a small review of the spin-archive project in the almost 7 months that it has been in operation. I did a small blog post back in May 2020 but didn't end up continuing the monthly blog post.

This will be a round-up post about everything that has happened between May - December.

First of all, I want to thank a few folks who have helped a ton with the spin-archive project:


Running an archival site does cost some money to run. So far, I'm happy to be in a position where I'm able to front the cost for the foreseeable future. I'd prefer to continue to not take money as it can tend to complicate things. But for long-term stability, I may end up implementing a sort of donation option. Nevertheless, files will always remain open and accessible to all.

2020 Expenses:

Total Cost: $393.89 for the year.

In the on-going 2021 year, I do plan to do small optimizations on price. Hosting and video encoding can most likely be brought down, though there's some dev work there that I don't mind paying for the premium in the interim. I'd be happy to explore p2p-based solutions as well where folks can donate space / CPU-time to encode and save videos.


Using a privacy-minded analytics platform, here's the collected data for the year.



State of the Archive

From looking at the list of tags on spin-archive, there's a couple interesting things:

Top 10 Spinners with the most tagged uploads:

              name               | upload_count
 spinner/kuzu                    |          829
 spinner/makin                   |          135
 spinner/juminuwo                |           70
 spinner/mesi                    |           53
 spinner/wanna                   |           53
 spinner/apollo                  |           36
 spinner/kabu                    |           34
 spinner/ayano                   |           32
 spinner/bonito                  |           30
 spinner/hideaki_kondoh          |           26

Top Editors

       name        | upload_count
 editor/arezert    |           20
 editor/taichi1082 |           11
 editor/xzelph     |           10
 editor/ayum       |            7
 editor/scissor's  |            5
 editor/jc         |            5
 editor/jamie_enns |            4
 editor/losed      |            3
 editor/crow       |            3
 editor/okkar      |            3

Top Organizers

         name          | upload_count
 organizer/ayum        |            8
 organizer/taichi1082  |            6
 organizer/xspin       |            3
 organizer/coffeelucky |            3
 organizer/jamie_enns  |            2
 organizer/losed       |            2
 organizer/saizen      |            2
 organizer/coco_a      |            2
 organizer/mhig        |            2
 organizer/product     |            1


I'd like to focus a bit more on archiving world community events, so far WC 2012 has been archived completely but we are missing a lot of videos from the other events.

         name         | upload_count
 event/wc_2012        |          177
 event/wc_2010        |           24
 event/wt_2011        |            4
 event/wt_2015        |            4
 event/upsbt_2010     |            3
 event/asian_cup_2008 |            1
 event/psa_cup_2017   |            1
 event/wc_2014        |            1
 event/wc_2020        |            1


  username   | upload_count
 iColor      |         1693
 Hobby       |          504
 Might       |          117
 Akai        |           27
 fang        |           20
 coffeelucky |           10
 taichi1082  |            5
 suku        |            1


So far, I'm pleased with the progress of spin-archive and hope to continue into the new year. I'm thankful for the contributors who put in the hard work, and I also wish to make it easier for new users to contribute as well.

There are a number of things that I'd like to research at some point in the future:

Setting up a PS machine-learning initiative

Improving spin-archive

Is the PS Community dying?

There was some discussion about the future of the pen spinning community. The decline of pen spinning has been a reoccurring theme for many years as older folks leave the community, and less newer folks are able to take up the responsibilities of pushing the community forward.

It's already 2021, the PS community is still around, but it's smaller than it used to be. The international English-speaking community is living, but who knows how long that will last? It's not 100% assured that it will last in its current state, as a few other communities have crumbled badly due to the times. It's not too hard to see that no community lasts forever in these current situations.

We have been super fortunate that folks have stepped up to the occasion to give a home to the community when it was needed, but perhaps this is not sustainable.

Why have we been in a decline for all these years? I can come up with a few reasons:

What can we do? I'm honestly not quite sure at the moment. It's easy to chalk it up to, "We need folks with free time to invest in pen spinning", but that's not quite practical advice.

Some ideas..

I do hope there would be more organized alternatives to competitive events. SpinFest is a good example of what I'd like to see, but it doesn't nearly have the same amount of publicity as competitive events, partly because WC/WT have been the mainstay of international community interaction. Who knows. I'd like to dive into helping out and supporting alternate events.

Ah, but of course, this all takes a lot of time and effort to organize and maintain. So, we are back to square one. The ones with the most time are the younger generation who are most likely inexperienced.

Is PS in a stable state where the amount of new folks coming in are equal to the number of folks leaving the hobby?

I'd be curious to hear what other folks may think about the "decline" of pen spinning. PS has survived this far, and there has been many times in history that claimed that PS is dying.

Certainly there has been a decline over the years, but "dying" might be an exaggeration.

Hopefully we can also adapt to these new times. Perhaps even grow a little bit.

Happy pen spinning, folks.